2015 Advisor Network Summit

Eric Scott Financial
Eric L. Scott began his career as a retirement guide in 1983. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge through the experiences of his career. This knowledge has earned him a spot as a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table with honors that have put him beside the top 5% of financial advisors in the world. Eric also contributed as a recognized expert in nationally recognized investment advisor and radio talk show host “Coach Pete” J. D’Arruda’s financial advice book, “Have You Been Talking to Financial Aliens?” Armed with the knowledge he’s gained from over thirty years of experience, Eric and his team developed a brand new philosophy called The Five Crossroads. This proprietary system creates the ideal guidance for retirees and those planning to retire to achieve the financial dreams they desire. The Five Crossroads organizes the five key areas that each individual must take into consideration when planning and reviewing their retirement goals.