2015 Advisor Network Summit

Keynote Speakers

Each day we have a Keynote Presentation designed to inspire you, provide great information that you can use immediately, and help you accelerate your business growth!

Tom Hegna
Author and Economist and Retirement Specialist

Don't Worry, Retire Happy - Seven Steps to a Secure Retirement

  • It was relevant info that I could directly walk away with and implement into my presentations with clients.
  • Gave some great concepts around guaranteed income placement.
  • Passionate about the business and his presentation applied to my business.

Joseph Jordan
Author, International Speaker and founded the Behavioral Finance Organization at MetLife

Living a Life of Significance

  • Will give you the "why" for your business!
  • Mr. Jordan touches the heart-strings and puts it all in perspective why we insurance agents do what we do.
  • Great thoughts and insights from an industry leader regarding the marketing of insurance products and services to clients connecting the true impact these services have on and in families and communities.”

Jeff Bucher
President, Citizens Advisory Group

The Value of Marketing–Don't be Penny-Wise & Dollas-Foolish

  • Learn how to make the cost of marketing a measurable investment in your business
  • Hear how Citizens Advisory Group, a firm averaging $25-30M in personal production, maximizes thier marketing spend
  • Hear what the best marekting platform could be for your firm, social media, referral programs, email and direct mail, or community Involvement

Van Mueller
Insurance Agent, writer and speaker

Retirement Success No Matter What Happens

  • Now is the greatest time ever to be an insurance agent!  Learn the keys to selling knowledge and wisdom rather than data and information.
  • Van has been to the Million Dollar Round Table 23 years in a row and is a featured speaker there each year.
  • Insurance is a great thing to have in today’s unpredictable world, and many products offer benefits that consumers can use even in the best of circumstances. You just have to find the right product and the right person to buy from.